A Map of UK Low Bridges, Truck Stops, Public Weighbridges, Dispatcher / Manufacturer Companies, Haulier / Courier / Transport Provider Company Locations Finder


Interactive map


Our Interactive map has multiple layers:

  • Low Bridges: There are some bridges in UK which road users should exercise extreme caution when using. The interactive map below, shows the location of the low bridges in UK, that require road users to be extremely cautious when travelling under them.
  • Truck Stops: The map below also shows many of UK's truck stops. Many have facility information to help you on your journey.
  • WeighbridgesThe map shows public weighbridges for your convenience. This layer is under construction, we are slowly working our way up the country.
  • Logistics Companies: The map gives the locations of Transport Providers and Dispatchers all over the UK. This layer will keep growing.


If you would like to add yourself to our map here, and in our Directory, or if you have any edits for the map, please contact us Here.


Select the tab in the top left corner of the map to open and close layers

Low bridges and Bridge Strike Guidance can be found Here
Public weighbridges can be found Here

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