Updates Coming Soon

Updates Coming Soon


Due to an increased demand to make this website live as soon as we could, we currently have a "no bells and ribbons" site to keep costs low for everyone, although we do want to update and upgrade regularly to ensure we meet your needs. This is your website. We are building this for you.

HGV Alliance UK Ltd is under continuous improvement.

We want to keep you updated on what we have planned for the future in regards to website updates and will band the updates table into 2 sections:

  • Our Growth Plans - this list will be our ideas that we are yet to fulfill on the website. It's not a full list as that would be a pretty long table but will include what we are currently working on and what you can expect in our next update. There will also be any bug fixes etc included in our updates.
  • Inspired by You - this is the important part. In our article "Help Us to Take a Different Route" we have enabled comments so that you can let us know what you need us to do, to make this website work better for you and your business.

Updates Coming Soon

Our Growth Plans

Inspired by You

HGV Alliance Marketplace - This is our online store where you will be able to purchase merchandise and driver essentials. We plan to allow api integration at a later date. Contact us if you have an online store to integrate that would be suitable for this platform  
Advertise with us - Advertise your business with us for a low competitive cost  
Notification bubbles - Notifications for new quotes on a job, new messages etc currently come through email, we will be bringing notification bubbles to the site soon so you can see your notifications as you get them, without checking emails.  
Employment opportunities page - not self employed and need to find employment? We will be adding an employment opportunities page for companies to post adverts looking for a new employee soon  
New services - We are looking for HGV Alliance Heroes to offer services at great prices and offer deals/discounts to all our users. We don't have many yet, but what we do have is great, and more will come. The more users that use the platform, the better the deals they can offer.  


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