HGV Alliance UK Ltd Provides a Global Online Load Exchange Platform for Commercial Delivery.

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We are here to save you money!

Drivers and Dispatchers get together on the RTIM to Post and Find Loads easily, with EPODs, Invoicing and Private Quoting, all from one Platform with NO subscription / membership fees.

Save Money with our HGV Alliance Heroes and Service Providers, who provide exclusive deals and discounts to our users.

We also try to keep users up to date with relevant industry news and guidance.

We aim to make life easier in the logistics industry.

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HGV Alliance is for you if you're a...


All users can register as either a Transport Provider/Dispatcher combined, or as a Dispatcher only.

Select either Dispatcher or Driver from the main navigation drop-down menu depending on whether you would like to quote on a load, or post a load.

We are here for YOU!


  • Don't Travel Empty.
  • Cut Out the Middle Man.
  • Find/Post Loads.
  • Maximise Loaded Miles and Profits.
  • Improve Efficiency.
  • Outsource Work.
  • Grow your Business.
  • Save Time as well as Money.
  • No More Expensive Subscription Costs. This saves operators on average £1200 a year straight off.
  • HGV Alliance UK Ltd is FREE to Use with Only a TINY £0.99p Fee Per Job Post.
  • We Are NOT Another Bidding/Auction Site! All quotes are private.


No matter what you need... whether you have a small delivery needing a motorcycle courier, or a van courier... or maybe you have a bulk / palletised or even machinery delivery, requiring HGVs or heavy haulage, we have you covered.


Services for HGV Alliance Users


load exchange platform

Load Exchange Platform

Register FREE. Post a load for only 99p. Find a Professional Driver to Deliver for you.


HGV Alliance Heroes

Our Heroes provide Exclusive deals to HGV Alliance Members. Check them out to see how much they can save you. 



Browse through the categories to discover a wealth of information at your fingertips.


Training Courses

Our training providers offer many courses, including Forklift/MEWP Training, First Aid, Transport Related Training, Health and Safety, Instructor Training, ADR, Driver CPC and Management CPC.


How HGV Alliance Aim to Help You



Fair Prices

Fair prices, superior quality and exceptional customer service are guaranteed when you work with us.


Fast & Reliable

Fast, efficient, and honest, HGV Alliance UK Ltd has become a reputable and well-known service provider.



We thrive on working closely with our customers to offer ever-changing transport solutions in this competitive market.


Wide Range of Service

We offer a very wide range of transport solutions to our ever-growing customer base from all over the world, working out of all UK ports.



A National Fleet

A national fleet, by your side, wherever you may be.

full access

Free 24/7 Access, Any time, Anywhere

Free 24/7 access from anywhere. As a mobile ready website the platform can be accessed any time, any where, reducing downtime and maximising earning potential.


Rating System

We offer users the opportunity to leave a rating on our 5 star rating system, along with a useful comment, for peace of mind for all users.


API Integration

Contact us if you would like to integrate your own software systems to our platform

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