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Form Get an ADR test to allow a vehicle to carry dangerous goods by road
Apply for an ADR test to allow a vehicle to carry dangerous or hazardous goods in bulk on the road.



Use these forms to apply for an ADR test. This allows vehicles to carry dangerous or hazardous goods in bulk on the road.


Apply for first ADR test or change to ADR category (ADR III)


Use the ADR III form for:

  • a vehicle’s first ADR test
  • a vehicle that has changed ADR category since its last test
  • a vehicle that has been modified in a way that invalidates the manufacturer’s initial ADR declarations


Apply for subsequent ADR tests (ADR IIIS)


Use the ADR IIIS form if your vehicle has been tested before and its ADR category has not changed since its last test.


Send the form online


  1. Download and fill in the form.

  2. Save the form on your computer or device.

  3. Send the form to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) using the service to apply for a vehicle test or certificate for a lorry or trailer.

  4. Pay the application fee by credit or debit card (DVSA will tell you how to do this after you’ve applied), or using a pre-funded account.


Send the form by post


You can also send the application by post.

DVSA ADR Section
The Ellipse
Padley Road


Your application will be delayed if you do not fill in the form correctly.




Apply for first ADR test or change to ADR category

Ref: ADR IIIPDF, 587KB, 14 pages


Apply for subsequent ADR tests

Ref: ADR IIISPDF, 450KB, 7 pages

From: Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency

Published 13 June 2013

Last updated 1 October 2021


Updated ADR III page 5 to include the documentation you need to bring when testing a: - tank - all categories - tank constructed from aluminium - tank constructed from steel


Updated with the latest version of the ADR III form to apply for first a ADR road vehicle certification or a change to an existing ADR category.


Attached latest version of ADR III form.


Attached latest version of ADRIII(s) form


Published updated carriage of dangerous goods application form.


The ADRIII form has been updated to incorporate ADR Accord changes to ADR and to take into account that a new form ADRIII(S) is to be used for subsequent ADR tests. The new form has also been added.


Updated with renamed April 2012 version of the ADR III form.


First published.

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