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UK Fuels partnered with HGV Alliance

HGV Alliance are proud to work in partnership with UK Fuels, who are networked with all the UK’s major fuel stations including supermarkets and bulk diesel sellers.


The company provides its own fuel card which brings together the whole national network, along with branded cards from the major global oil companies, making them one of Europe’s biggest fuel card companies.


Fuel cards for UK Fuels, Shell, Esso, BP, and Texaco are now available from UK Fuels for all HGV Alliance users.


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The benefits of using our fuel cards include:


  • Competitive pricing at one weekly fixed price.

  • Access to more than 3,500 sites on the UK Fuels network.

  • No contract, account charges or card charges.

  • Online account management using the Velocity app and website.

  • Plan your journeys with e-route on your smartphone or SatNav.

  • Unleaded will be charged at the pump price.



HGV Alliance Fuel Card:


HGV Alliance Card


Apply for your very own HGV Alliance Fuel Cards today!


Ask for your cards to feature the HGV Alliance front and still enjoy all of the benefits of your selected card from the UK Fuels network.


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HGV Alliance Fuel Card for HGV, Van and Car



Radius EV charge cards


If you are introducing electric or hybrid vehicles to your fleet this year, then we have some great news for you.


UK Fuels have recently introduced a full range of electric vehicle charging products to help you and your business. Whether you need a way to charge your vehicles when on the road, or you need a charge point either at your office, depot or at the homes of your employees, they have a charging product to meet your needs.


Fleetone REV


Fleetone Radius EV


Over 4,000 charging locations in the UK


An all-in-one card that gives you the ability to fuel or charge your vehicles easily.


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Get more with UK Fuels


Find the nearest fuel stations wherever you go


Use the UK Fuels e-route app on your phone, or downloaded to your Sat Nav, to find the nearest fuel stations to your current location or any address you enter. It also lists the facilities at each site.


Get a single weekly invoice


All the week’s transactions, by every driver, are listed on a single invoice. Our invoices are HMRC compliant so reclaiming VAT is easy.


Transaction reports with all the details


In the UK Fuels website and app, Velocity, you can group fuel purchases by driver, vehicle or card at the click of a mouse. Downloading the data as a spreadsheet means you no longer need to log fuel receipts by hand.


Manage all your cards securely


All fuel cards are PIN protected. You can allocate each card to a specific driver or vehicle. Set customised purchasing restrictions on individual cards to reduce the risk of them being misused.




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