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About Us



What is HGV Alliance?

www.hgvalliance.com is primarily a neutral online freight exchange platform powered by an advanced computerised system & real time interactive map (RTIM) and gives Transport Providers and Dispatchers the chance to sell and find loads easily, in a fair and transparent way, with EPODs, invoicing and private quoting, all from one platform, for only 99p per job advert, and with no subscription / membership fees.

We help freight forwarders to reduce their empty runs, cut out the middle man, improve efficiency, outsource work, grow your business, save time as well as money, by finding loads quickly and easily and aim to save haulage companies, transport companies and couriers millions of wasted miles and unnecessary fuel emissions for the environment.

HGV Alliance was founded out of pure frustration in July 2018 and after a year of building the website (three times over) we finally went live in September 2019. It offers a fast-growing, efficient, secure and comprehensive freight exchange solution. It is designed to take out the leg work, let the jobs become available to drivers with ease and let the drivers approach the dispatchers with their quotes.

We help you trade in real-time, supported by a feedback system that allows you to hear from other members about their experiences.

Being in the haulage industry is expensive, and we understand how hard it is to be on the constant lookout for work or for people to buy / transport your loads.



Who is it for?

Haulage Companies and Transport Providers (motorcycle couriers, van couriers, LGVs, HGVs, STGO etc.), to find loads. We don’t ask for a penny from you

But also for:
  • Load Dispatchers,
  • Operations Manager,
  • Supply Chain,
  • Business Enterprises,
  • Freight Forwarders,
  • Manufacturers and
  • Commercial businesses

who are looking for trusted transport providers to get their goods from A to B, for only 99p per advert. We take nothing else from you.



Why start a Load Exchange Platform when there are others already?

We know we aren't the first to make a load platform, and we won't be the last. But we want to take away the huge costs involved with membership / subscription fees, load post capping etc, open bidding wars and extortionate pricing structures on other services you may need.

We want to provide you with the same, and more, than everything else that's out there, but the money stays with who it belongs. We are new but we are growing. As we grow in numbers we will be able to provide you with more and more.

It costs only 99p to post a load advert on HGV Alliance, that's it. No hidden charges. Furthermore, if a company needs to post mass load adverts a month, we can make a bespoke plan for you.

For a driver to find work, it costs nothing. We don’t ask for a penny to help you find work.

HGV Alliance is easy to use, reliable, secure and packed with unique features that put you firmly in control of your business.

Despite being new, we have hundreds of registered transport companies with a range of vehicles. Our platform helps all sizes of businesses to find haulage work as well as network to gain key connections within the haulage industry.

The load exchange platform helps owners, drivers, haulage companies and freight forwarders to improve their efficiency, increase revenue and reduce environmental impact.

We also operate a 'star rating system', where members can review each other based on experience on every delivery job that takes place.

We want to make a difference to all the professional drivers and business' out there. We are listening and want to do everything we can to make your lives easier. It’s hard enough when you’re dealing with unsafe parking, poor facilities, tramping, traffic, constantly changing legislation, subscription charges to find work etc. The haulage industry should be respected for what they do for this country and its economy, without them the UK would go to a stand-still. Just one day of no haulage on the road would take 6 months for the UK to get back to normal. Without our haulage industry, this country wouldn’t be what it is...and the UK's drivers deserve the recognition, respect and profits for keeping Britain running. We want to help you all get that.



Are there any other Charges?

We are free to use. And it costs only £0.99p for dispatchers to post a load onto the system.

We have a number of services through our HGV Alliance Heroes who provide special members discounts on cheaper insurance, fuel cards and telematics etc. but we ask for no subscriptions fee to use these services, they are provided to help you save money and cut costs on expenses that you may already be spending a lot on. That’s it, no more charges.

Eventually, we aim to make load posting free too! But we must have patience while we build it to that stage. We now also have a nice coverage of dispatchers built up over the UK.



How can I get Access to the System?

All you need is access to the Internet from your desktop PC, tablet or phone to log-on with your own personal username and password which you will set within registration.

The system is on the web and can be accessed from any server, you can even save your favourite page as a shortcut to your smartphones home screen. We will be creating an app for IOS and Android soon.

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Who is the Buyer and who is the Seller in the Process?

The seller is the load dispatcher with an extra load/parcel that needs to be delivered.

The buyer is the member or owner driver with spare capacity that can deliver the load on behalf of the seller.



How do I Register?

If you would like to register as either a Dispatcher or a Transport Provider on the Platform, please click the button below:

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How do I Sell a Load?

Just input the details of the load you need delivered onto HGV Alliance Post a Load page. The system will input a drop-pin onto the RTIM so drivers can see your load. Interested drivers will send you a private quote.

If you would like to look at our Load Exchange Portal Guide, click the button below

Load Exchange Portal Guide

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How do I Buy a Load?

The RTIM shows all the jobs available on our system. You can either zoom in on the map, scroll through the jobs list or use our advanced search which has been linked to the RTIM. You can search by location (making it easier for you to source a job in your end location meaning you don’t need to travel empty), and you can search by vehicle type (narrowing down your search results to loads suitable for your vehicle).

You can then contact dispatchers directly from their listing to offer a quote.



Do HGV Alliance Dictate Charges for a Job?

No. You set and agree your own rates with the other member ensuring that you can maintain or even improve your margins.



How do I get Paid for Work Completed?

Payment is made by the dispatcher, directly to the driver, so you must agree on the rate and terms prior to accepting a job.

Other Services:


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Who are the HGV Alliance Heroes?

Our users need great deals on services, so we are always looking for new Heroes that can offer exclusive, competitively priced deals and discounts to both our Dispatchers & our Transport Providers (HGV, Van, Motorcycle Couriers, STGO etc), whether it's a great price on, Recovery, Maintenance, Vehicle Hire, Consultancy Services, Legal Services, maybe an APP you own, or a shop that sells just what our users need... we’re wanting anyone that can offer our users great quality for great value to apply for Hero Status.

Applications are taken all year round and are reviewed at the start of each new year. In April, HGV Alliance staff will then pick only one Hero from each category dependant on their deals for our users, their values, their customer service, their speed and capability to handle a high volume of new customers, the ease of integration with our platform…we are looking for the perfect fit. We hope to be able to make some long-lasting partnerships while always offering the best exclusive deals/discounts to our users.

If we don't have it for them, we want it, and we want it for the best deal out there, so if you can offer better than we already do have...please tell us.

The more people that use the platform and services it provides, will help us to drop prices further for you.

If you would like to be a HGV Alliance Hero, please contact us at [email protected]



HGV Alliance Library

Our new library section provides you with relevant Industry Documents, Legislation Changes, Government Guidance, Industry Guidance Pages etc. to be able to come back and refer to whenever they are needed.

Browse through the categories Here to discover a wealth of information at your fingertips.

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Our article section is not only to provide you with up-to-date industry news, but we also enjoy helping you, get to know our other users through our Feature Articles.

Check them out Here



Advertising with HGV Alliance

We have a range of advertising packages including:

  • Standard Monthly Directory Advert - company details advertised within the HGV Alliance Directory on the website, plus 1x rotation around our social media platforms
  • In Article Advertisement - An image within the article content, linking to your company’s website or social media platform. Our articles remain in our articles section and are also shared around all our social media platforms.
  • Feature Advert – Feature article with photos written about your company which will remain in our articles section.
  • Full Article & Social Media Package – Standard monthly directory advert + In article advertisement + feature advert for two months

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Help Us Grow

Due to the demand to make this website live as soon as we could, we currently have a "no bells and ribbons" site to keep costs low for everyone, although we do want to update and upgrade regularly to ensure we meet your needs.

This is your website. We are building this for you.

HGV Alliance UK Ltd is under continuous improvement

Inspired by You - In our article "Help Us to Take a Different Route" we have enabled comments so that you can let us know what you need us to do, to make this website work better for you and your business. You need to be a registered member to leave improvement comments.

The load platform is growing in members every day. We spent a long time building up the transport provider registrations so that when a job was posted, it sold quickly. We now have a nice coverage of dispatchers over the UK and we look forward to seeing everyone enjoying the work flowing through the system really soon.

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