Chief Operating Officer at HGV Alliance

I have a mix of experience in many areas, due to moving around different countries in the Armed Forces and needing to qualify in something new with each move.

I have worked in Headquarters 1 (UK) Armoured Division for the W01 and General in the Armed Forces and was responsible for looking after the soldiers in the squadron. My role was to book military transport to and from courses, book flights in and out of the country, book hotels, expenditure, arrange meetings and take minutes, manning reports for the squadron for whoever was being deployed, correspondence of soldiers postings, operational tour dates for war during Op Telic in Iraq, along with general office duties. 
Working in secure, confidential headquarters with the WO1’s and higher means I'm used to dealing with sensitive and confidential publications and matters and it is since training in using CIS Assistance for Headquarters I got a few IT qualifications under my belt.

I moved to UK in 2005 after leaving the army life and have three children. My main qualifications are Educational based, of which I qualified 9 months early. I've been an au pair for an Army family in Germany, a riding instructor for children with special needs and is a qualified educational practitioner, key-worker, safeguarding officer, health and safety officer, was a charity committee member, is paediatric first aid trained

I've also worked in pubs, bars, leisure centres, food stores, been a hair and make-up artist in a photography studio working with Miss UK and run my own reflexology business.

I was employed to bring an unsatisfactory OFSTED rated childcare setting up to standards, which I succeeded and have worked as a self-employed sales representative. And a qualified equine behaviourist, saving horses from being euthanised when their mental health requires them to be retrained or put to sleep, and have spent time as a groom in both military and racing yards.

I love to work in areas where i feel I can make a difference and help others, will push myself to any limit to succeed and hate to fail. I like everything to have a place and a reason and like to get stuck into something I can get my teeth into. If something needs doing it has to be done there and then, it can't wait, and it must be done properly.

Working in the transport industry is a complete career change but my skills from the past have set me in good stead to handle most things and with the support of the CEO, am growing in confidence as I try to build up the website for HGV Alliance and make sure the day-to-day running’s of the business run smoothly.

[email protected]
Phone: (01733) 475509

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